Cabinet Painting Guru

Use Best Products Available

  • FOCUSED like a laser on only high quality kitchen cabinet painting
  • Cabinet Door/Drawer wood manufacturer has 50+ years experience
  • Complete scrub and degrease to properly prepare cabinet surfaces
  • High-tech primer & paint designed exclusively for cabinets
  • Specialized primer locks in stains and color imperfections
  • Available in SATIN, SEMI-GLOSS, and GLOSS sheens
  • Excellent hardness, adhesion, and a silky-smooth uniform finish
  • Our paints come from Italy and they resist scratching and fading
  • Available in any color you choose

18-Point “Best-in-Class” Process

Our process is published here — right on our website. Don’t settle for less.

Other Painters

Use Inferior Products

  • Paint interiors, exteriors, fences — any other type of house painting
  • May leave waxy dirt build-up preventing proper paint adhesion
  • May use good paint, but paint not designed exclusively for cabinets
  • Wall primer is good, but NOT for kitchen cabinets
  • May not offer these different sheen options
  • Regular latex will look good initially, but won’t hold up over time
  • Might yellow or scratch in kitchen environment over time
  • Unlikely that they know about, or use the best paint in the world
  • May not be reachable when their paint job fails

Process Will Vary from Painter to Painter

Is their process published? One skipped step and the job could fail.