Should Water Based Lacquer Be Used on Kitchen Cabinets?


Homeowners tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, as it is generally the heart of the home. For those who have a dated design, an easy kitchen tune up would be to redo the kitchen cabinets. Cabinets bring a lot of character to the kitchen and the entire home, so your goal is to create a unique design that is modern, beautiful – and affordable. If your cabinets are in good shape, the best option to revitalize them is to paint them invest.

Options for Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets


For a facelift on your cabinets that will be durable, consider spraying the best cabinet paint by Sherwin Williams. Their Kem-Aqua Plus lo lustre water-based lacquer is the best. This is a very thin and self-leveling paint that is best applied in thin coats.

Lacquer has a significant visual impact, bringing the desirable lo lustre sheen to the surface of your cabinetry. This creates a strong focal point in your kitchen and makes it ideal for a kitchen tune up.

Durability in Restoration

It isn’t cheap to restore kitchen cabinets to a beautiful, modern aesthetic, but it is an investment worth making when the right products are used. You don’t want the cabinets ruined by the fluctuations in both temperature and humidity generally found in a kitchen. The kitchen is constantly permeated with steam, heat, oils and other particles, and these could destroy cabinets that haven’t been properly prepared and painted. You need the best paint like Sherwin William’s Kem Aqua Plus which makes an excellent top-coat for cabinets. Because lacquer is sprayed on, there are no brush strokes and the color goes on evenly and smoothly.

The Experts for Your Kitchen Tune Up

When you’re ready to take your dated kitchen to a new level, trust Cabinet Painting Guru with your kitchen cabinet restoration. With our 18-point cabinet painting process, we will completely transform your kitchen cabinets with the color and sheen of your choosing. Give us a call for your complimentary quote today at (215) 982-0131.