LET THE transformation of your kitchen begin!

Day 1

We arrive mid-morning and fully clean the cabinets with TSP, begin the sanding process with our dust-free sander, and also begin painting the cabinet structure (aka “the bones” of the kitchen). The main structure (the bones) stay in place and we paint it right there. 

We’ll remove all cabinet panels and drawer covers, clean them with TSP, and lightly sand them — until they are silky smooth and perfect.

NOTE: You DO NOT need to remove items from your cabinets except for items that comes within 2″ of the front of the shelves. You will, however, need to remove anything from your cabinets that you need over the next few days once the plastic, dustproof wall (aka “the cocoon”) is installed as pictured in the video below.

DAY 2 - 4

Spraying of high grade professional cabinet primer begins — followed by more sanding. Once all surfaces are smooth from our dustless sanders (which leave no dust residue in your kitchen), we begin the application of the best cabinet finish paint in the world. This water-based lacquer is ODORLESS and designed for high traffic area cabinets. This professional grade paint sprays in light coats and dries to a smooth, chip-free hard surface. 



We return, install your cabinets, and put on the finishing touches — and leave you smiling.

As you will see from our reviews, you will find our team and me to be friendly, yet unobtrusive. As many homeowners are working from home these days, we know how important this is.

NOTE REGARDING THE CLEANING OF YOUR CABINETS: When we finish, your cabinets will be dry, but they will still be curing to their hardest over the next 30 days. Please do NOT clean your cabinets during this time. 

After 30 days, YOU WILL ONLY CLEAN THE CABINETS WITH A WATER BOTTLE OF 98% WATER + 2% DISH SOAP (like Dawn). Chemical cleaners like fantastic, Mr. Clean, Pledge — or anything other than water, will permanently damage the finish and the color.