transformation of your kitchen begins!

Day 1

We arrive mid-morning and fully clean the cabinets with TSP, begin the sanding process with our dust-free sander, and also begin painting the cabinet structure (aka “the bones” of the kitchen). The main structure (the bones) stay in place and we paint it right there. 

We’ll remove all cabinet panels and drawer covers and wrap them carefully in towels and moving blankets. We treat them as if they are glass. At the end of the day, we transport them to our shop where they begin to get lightly smooth-sanded, primed, and coated with multiple finish coats and sanding between coats — until they are silky smooth and perfect. 

You DO NOT need to remove items from your cabinets except for items that comes within 2″ of the front of the shelves. You CAN use your kitchen during the process and certainly each night as we will pack up our materials after each day and put them neatly aside.

DAY 2 - 4

Spraying continues in our shop on your cabinets and, simultaneously, part of the crew will return during this time to properly CLEAN, SAND with a dustless sander (leaving no dust residue in your kitchen), PRIME, SAND MORE, and APPLY FINISH COATS to the bones of the kitchen.


We return, install your cabinets, and put on the finishing touches — and leave you smiling.

As you will see from our reviews, you will find our team and me to be friendly, yet unobtrusive. As many homeowners are working from home these days, we know how important this is.

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