Cabinet Door & Drawer Replacement

What is Cabinet Door / Drawer Replacement?

Cabinet refacing delivers a complete style transformation at less than half the price of all new cabinetry.

Cabinet Door Replacement

If you’re ready for a completely new style and look in your kitchen or bathroom, you don’t need to spend all the money and time required to purchase and install completely new cabinets. 99% of existing cabinet structures are in perfectly good condition, so we simply replace the door panels and drawer fronts.

Our Cabinet Door Replacement service lets you keep your existing cabinets while upgrading to new custom doors and drawer fronts. See our large selection of door faces, edge profiles, right here.

How Our Process Works


If you are just looking for a new style, you DO NOT need to remove your existing cabinets, dispose of them, and install all new expensive cabinet boxes. That process can take weeks or months, depending on your contractor, during which you have only limited access, if any, to your kitchen.


Our Cabinet Door and Drawer Replacement Team simply replaces ONLY the cabinet panel door fronts and the drawer fronts. We leave your existing cabinets in place, only swapping out the doors and drawer fronts with the new style that you choose. We can also work with you to make any other changes — new island, backsplash, adding additional cabinets, even a new floor so that you achieve your design goals within — or below your budget.


We visit you and take detailed measurements and begin working on building your new cabinet panels and drawer fronts. Our cabinet manufacturing team has been crafting new high quality styled door panels and drawer covers for over 50 years. While they are being crafted, you pick the color that you want and when you are ready, we begin the painting process as outlined here.

Yes! You can have NEW cabinets in less than a week.

Benefits of Cabinet Door & Drawer Replacement