Preparing For Cabinet Painting & Taking Care of Your Kitchen Cabinets Once Painted

One of the key elements to update your kitchen and to give it that new look is your cabinets. If you still like the style of your cabinets and your cabinets aren’t damaged, you can achieve the same look as “new” with cabinet refinishing and painting at a fraction of the cost.

When you have your cabinet painting project done by professionals, they take extra care to prevent the paint from chipping, peeling, and scratching. You want a contractor who exclusively paints cabinets. Painting your cabinets is the best return on investment “ROI” of any home project — but only if done by a professional who understands the exact steps to take in preparing your cabinet’s surfaces. This means cleaning, degreasing, and sanding your cabinets to ensure a flawless surface for paint application. An expert cabinet painter will carefully remove your cabinets, drawers, and transport them safely to the shop, where work will begin.

You should also ensure that your cabinet painting expert sprays everything — the panel doors, the drawer covers, and the structure or “bones” of your kitchen. WHY? Painting your cabinets with a roller and a brush might look good, but this method distributes paint UNEVENLY across the surfaces. In areas where the paint goes on “thicker” you now have a CHIP RISK. This is unavoidable using rollers and brushes. Avoid cabinet chips in the years ahead by finding a contractor who SPRAYS everything with the best equipment available!

Preparing Your Kitchen For Painting

Clear your countertops and give us 2″ from the front edge of your cabinets. Please push items back and remove items that you may need over the next few days while your kitchen is being spray painted. You DO NOT need to take everything out; just give us 2″ so we can apply a plastic film to protect the inside of your cabinets from spray.

We also need to get a drill into your drawers, so please give us enough room to access the screws which attach your draw covers to the drawer.

Your appliances will be wrapped in plastic so painters can prime and paint your molding, island, structural elements, and other areas while your cabinets are being prepared, sanded, primed, and painted at the shop. You’ll have access to the refrigerator and sink (they’ll be more loosely wrapped) so you can access your refrigerator, but you’ll need to avoid using the stove, oven, and any cooking process that can damage the paint while it’s drying.

Using & Cleaning Your Kitchen After The Paint Dries




A high-quality professional cabinet painting takes 4-5 days to complete. An install team will reinstall your cabinets after they’ve they have been cleaned, sanded, primed, painted, and finished with the new color at the paint shop. After your expert team has completed the install, all of their touch-up and QUALITY CONTROL processes, they should ask you to give it a good look for your approval.

Once your refreshed cabinets are in and dry to the touch, you can prepare food right away, but you’ll want to be mindful of the curing process.

Curing refers to how long it takes for your cabinet paint to harden to its hardest. Before your cabinets are fully cured — a process that can take about 30 days — they’re more vulnerable to scratches. During this time period, you should feel free to cook as usual but will need to avoid:

  • getting grease on your cabinets
  • cleaning your newly painted surfaces with harsh chemicals
  • letting moisture linger (wipe up and dry any spills immediately)
  • being too rough with your drawers or doors

After 30 days, you will only clean your cabinets using a water bottle containing 98% water and 2% dishwashing soap like DAWN. Paint is a chemical, so any chemicals like Fantastic, Lysol, Mr. Clean, or anything other than water WILL damage the finish and color of your newly painted cabinets.

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