Should You Refinish Cabinets With a Sprayer or a Brush?

cabinet-spraying device

Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting

Spray paint and spray painting are two very different things. In this instance, specialty cabinet paint is applied to cabinets with a paint sprayer rather than paint that comes out of a can which is also referred to as spray paint. It can be confusing to remember the difference between the two, so professional services who use high quality spray guns are the best choice for refinishing and painting kitchen cabinets.

Homeowners sometimes think that using paint brushes and rollers can achieve the same results as those true professionals who paint all surfaces with high quality professional spray guns. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? Applying paint with rollers and brushes can leave the surface with paint applied at different thickness. When you have paint applied at different thickness, you create a chip risk. Also, painting with brushes and rollers can show brush marks, drips, and bubbles, which are unsightly in the final coat.

The best professionals spray, so smart homeowners ALWAYS ASK THEIR CONTRACTOR IF THEY “BRUSH & ROLL” OR “SPRAY”. In the videos below, notice how the professional cabinet painter applies a light mist of paint to achieve a homogeneous color as well as a consistent paint depth across all kitchen cabinet surfaces.

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting

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