The Best 3 Options For Updating Your Cabinets As Part of A Kitchen Tune Up

painted kitchen cabinets

Should I Paint or Replace My Cabinet Doors?

The cost of completely removing existing cabinets and replacing with new cabinets can be exorbitant; depending on the options you choose, a medium sized kitchen could cost upwards of $45,000 or more. 98% of kitchens are excellent candidates for kitchen cabinet painting. If you like the style of your cabinets – and they are still functionally sound, changing the color of your cabinets – to any color you want – is the way to go. If, however, your cabinet door panels need work – or you no longer like the style of these doors, you can opt for door replacement.

Door Replacement

Refacing — used interchangeably with resurfacing — your cabinets as part of your kitchen tune up usually refers to replacing the doors and hardware but leaving the boxes or “bones” intact. This is less expensive than replacing the cabinets entirely and is especially useful if your doors have a lot of damage but the frames are solid.

By choosing modern hardware and potentially a new design for your doors, you can make your kitchen look good as new, even if you’ve had your current cabinets for decades. Cabinet refacing looks beautiful and can remove years of wear and tear to totally transform your kitchen.

Professional Cabinet Refinishing & Painting

Another option for cabinet painting and restoration is to have your current cabinets painted. This can save you up to 75% on your kitchen remodel. Refinishing your cabinets can change the overall appearance of your kitchen at a tremendous cost savings. Think of it as a facelift for your cabinets.

During the professional cabinet and painting refinishing process, your wooden panels will be cleaned and sanded before they go to the priming and finish phase. Make sure your professional cabinet painter uses a dustless sander as this will leave no dust in your kitchen such as the Festool sander here which has, as you can see, a large vacuum hose attached to the sanding head.

Professional Cabinet Painting

During a professional grade painting job, your cabinets will be safely removed and relocated to a shop to be prepared for painting. This prep work includes cleaning, degreasing, sanding, and repairing minor damage. Then, painters prime and paint the number of coats needed to achieve a flawless and new, chip free, smooth factory finish.

Your newly painted cabinets need to cure for about a month. During this time, the paint hardens. It’s worth the wait, as fully cured cabinets resist chipping and peeling and can maintain their beauty for decades.

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