Trending Kitchen Cabinet Colors


Kitchen Cabinet Color: Where Do I Begin?

If you need a kitchen tune-up but you aren’t sure that you want to go all-in on a remodel right now, consider more minor design changes like refreshing wall paint or deciding to restore and paint or re-door your kitchen cabinets. Given the quality of cabinet painting products today, professional cabinet painting is a dream come true. It can be done without leaving brush marks or sticky cabinet doors to pull paint when they open and shut. You can even add new hardware and soft-close hinges if you don’t already have them. Your cabinet color choice should complement your floor, walls, fixtures, backsplash and countertops. In the end, you will wind up with brand new cabinets – and a brand new kitchen!

Find Your True Inspiration – Smart Color Choices For Your Kitchen

Whether the color is for yours walls or your cabinets, the “Color of the Year” concept may sometimes be overwhelming for some homeowners. No one changes their wall colors or kitchen cabinet colors so often that there is a color of the year, right?

Having said that, the trend for sure is that homeowners are going for a more up to date look by painting their oak, maple, and other wood type cabinets a lighter color. Timeless Whites by Sherwin Williams include colors like: PURE WHITE, SNOWBOUND, HIGH REFLECTIVE WHITE, ALABASTER, GREEK VILLA or Cooler Whites like: PEARLY WHITE, EGRET WHITE, HERON PLUME, SITE WHITE, or ELDER WHITE are very trendy right now.

The color of the year reflects the colors that designers, builders, and remodeling specialists use most frequently for wall and kitchen cabinet painting. A professional kitchen cabinet painter will give you a color recommendation and work with you to create contrast as well as areas of interest and pops of color throughout your kitchen.

What’s Your Color?  

Sherwin Williams offers many color choices in the following color categories that have been trending for kitchen cabinets: 

  • Bright white
  • Light cool gray 
  • Greige (Beige + Gray)
  • Light antique green  
  • Medium navy blue 
  • Deep smoky green  

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